​​As something new, TVS has introduced "PLUS LINE" in 2020. It is a series of towel warmers that are slightly out of the ordinary. It can be the design, the material or the surface. 

TVS has PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 which are for electricity. There are vertical "pipes" with hooks for the towels. Model PLUS 1 is equipped with a switch and a built-in fixed thermostat. It is available in polished steel and black chrome finish. Model PLUS 2 features 5-step temperature control and a 1 to 5 hours timer. It is available in gold, polished steel and black chrome finish. Gold and black chrome are PVD surfaces.​

Then there are the models PLUS 3, 9, 12 and 15 which are water filled and are available in gold surface. 

Of course, valves or heating elements can also be purchased with the same surface.​

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​For TVS quality is two matters: It is modern design in the trend of the times, suiting any housing environment, and simultaneously it is quality solutions as demanded by the consumers. All products and solutions comply with the necessary tecnical specifications, and they are solidly produced in all details, which gives the products a long durability and a trouble-free use.

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