On this page, we post current news and write a little about them.

It can be completely new models with a completely new design or it can be new sizes / surfaces of an existing model.

We also regularly come up with new types of accessories in the form of valves, heaters and hooks.​

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TVS 'new PLUS LINE series is a range of towel dryers that have "a little extra".

It can be a brand new untraditional design or a special surface.

Our line of model PIVO has been given a new size of 1195 x 500 mm.​

It has become a little higher - then there is also space for more towels.

The new model DUO is a redesign of an old acquaintance from our previous range.

We have replaced the old vertical pipes with new rounds and thereby got a more up-to-date model.

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​For TVS quality is two matters: It is modern design in the trend of the times, suiting any housing environment, and simultaneously it is quality solutions as demanded by the consumers. All products and solutions comply with the necessary tecnical specifications, and they are solidly produced in all details, which gives the products a long durability and a trouble-free use.

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